Pre-K: 4 yrs to 5 yrs. Ratio 1:8* (State standard 1:12)

Our indoor space is designed to flow naturally. Each center provides the space and materials for children to play independently or within a small group. Each learning center such as reading, blocks & building, math & manipulatives, science, language arts, creative arts and dramatic play will be filled with materials inspired by each theme to maximize learning opportunities. Children are able to choose a center of their choice and are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways. This includes learning creative expression through art, music & dance, and self expression through conflict resolution & problem solving with respect to both the materials and their peers. Teachers interact with the children by teaching specific lessons about the theme and also by offering encouragement to extend the children’s natural play.

Kindergarten Prep:

In addition to our preschool activities it is our goal to work with each pre-k child to accomplish the skills outlined in the ChicoUSD Kindergarten Readiness Skills list. We understand that each child learns at their own pace and in their own style. We provide opportunities to practice the ChicoUSD skills through our fun and safe activities.

Sample Schedule

Outdoor Classroom:

We recognize that children can inspire extended lesson plans through the exploration of their environment. Children’s imaginations are endless. By being attentive to their interests we can build on current lessons or move in an all new direction to encourage a love of learning, knowledge and new experiences. Our outdoor space is an extension of our indoor classroom and provides a variety of play areas. Children are encouraged to explore, balance, jump and climb in our nature inspired playground.

*Our preschool ratio depends on the number of infants enrolled in our school. Our goal is to maintain a 1:8 ratio for preschool/pre-k and a 1:4 ratio for our infants.