Preschool: 2 yrs to 4 yrs or until potty trained. Ratio 1:8* (State standard 1:12)

Our Preschool program is a smaller adaptation of our Pre-K program. We understand that our younger friends are very busy and are primarily focusing on social interactions within their peer group. We also understand that they are still learning the concepts of personal vs. shared space and have the need to use their whole bodies to play!

Activities and Centers:

Our Preschool program follows the Pre-K’s daily schedule with adapted circle times, rhythm and movement activities, and age appropriate creative art activities. Centers are designed to allow multiple children to play together and offer the following play areas: dramatic play, blocks & building, train table, creative arts, and a cozy reading corner.

Outdoor Classroom:

We recognize that children can inspire extended lesson plans through the exploration of their environment. Children’s imaginations are endless. By being attentive to their interests we can build on current lessons or move in an all new direction to encourage a love of learning, knowledge and new experiences. Our outdoor space is an extension of our indoor classroom and provides a variety of play areas. Children are encouraged to explore, balance, jump and climb in our nature inspired playground.

*Our preschool ratio depends on the number of infants enrolled in our school. Our goal is to maintain a 1:8 ratio for preschool/pre-k and a 1:4 ratio for our infants.